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Samsung Galaxy A30 Review

Samsung Galaxy A30 Review 

Samsung Galaxy A30 Review

Samsung has been hitting the mid-range market with the some pretty solid phones this year and the latest. In Samsung Galaxy A30 what's special about this one and is it worth considering against all the MIDI Rangers coming out these day sum well for GSM marina. This is Samsung Galaxy A30 Review the Galaxy a30 has to build made of shiny plastic that looks and feels a lot like glass Samsung calls the effect glass stick. We've seen it on Samsung's other midranges with its thin frame and curved back. It's quite pretty and there's a dazzling metallic gradient as material catches valiant.

There's a little bit of a camera hum from the dual camera but it's quite small and the phone is totally usable on a flat surface. It's probably no surprise just like its siblings the Galaxy A3 isn't waterproof it's strange as galaxy a phones from previous years did have ingress protection regardless the 30smost attractive feature is this large 6.4 inch Super AMOLED screen. Which is at all aspect ratio and a 1080p resolution it’s covered with Gorilla Glass 3 and it really is edge to edge besides the-shape to not cut out up at the top. The quality is great among the best in the mid-range class you have a sharp image with the pixel density of 403 PPI and the deep AMOLED blacks color accuracy can be pretty good based on your color settings. The brightness is good to up to 413 is with the manual slider and up to 515 it's an auto mode and the bright conditions and for your notifications. You can enable an always-on display so you can check your phone at a glance.
The Galaxy A30 has single loudspeaker at the bottom next to the USB C port. Unfortunately we were far from impressed scored below average in our loudness tests. And the sound quality is just okay for the class. There is a headphone jack and when we plug in headphones volume was above average. What stereo separation wasn't the best storage wise you have options for 32 or 64 gigs on board and it is expand able through micro SD. You can unlock and wakeup the Galaxy A30 with the rear mounted fingerprint scanner. It's accurate and the placement is quite comfortable. You can also use face unlock its blazing fast to recognize you. But it isn't as secure as a finger print just like Samsung's other recent phones the Galaxy 830 runs one year over the latest Android on PI. It packs more customizations than stock Android but still runs quite smoothly. What doesn't run fairly as effortlessly however is the gaming experience the 830 is powered by an external 7 904 chipset the same chip as a galaxy a 40 neither three or four gigs of RAM.

It isn't a chart-topper by any means and GPU performance is an ideal so with heavier tasks expect some stutters and hiccups. Once in a while battery life is quite better though the 830 has a 4000 million power battery editor and an endurance rating of 92 hours. And a proprietary task there's 15 watt adaptive pass charging but it isn't the speediest out banner the bundled charger got us from 0to 30 percent charge in half an hour. Moving on to the cameras the Galaxy 830 has a dual camera setup with a 16 megapixel F 1.7 main camp and a 5 megapixel F 2.2 ultra wide in daylight photos. We snapped with the main camera turned out quite good there's plenty offline detail to the LED colors and excellent contrast. The dynamic range is also on top of average the ultra wide-angle camera has fixed focus and produces pleasant photos.

They have a super wide field of view and colors are more saturated than on the main cap however there is less detail and with no lens correction available expect a barrel distortion in your shots. In portrait mode photos come out at 8 megapixels the second camera in fact isn't used for depth. Here everything is done through software regardless we were surprised to find very good subject separation and some smart edge detection.

Regular low-light photos from the main camera are nothing impressive the level of detail is underwhelming this prominent noise and highlights are clipped switching to the ultra wide cam get you even worse looking results selfies come out in 16 megapixels. And have an average level of detail but excellent contrast and punchy colors if you get the focus distance right and there's plenty of light you can get some nice shots video scan be recorded at only up to 1080p at to the fps and there's no stabilization regular 1080 clips. We shot with the main camera with the excellent them with great detail little noise high dynamic range and the true to life colors. You can enable 4k video recording with a third-party app but it will only record it up to 20FPS 1080p footage.

When the ultra wide camera isn't as comprehensive as on the main camp but is decent as far as ultra wide videos go so that's the Samsung Galaxy A34. You get an overwhelming AMOLED screen and eye-catching design good battery life and a nice camera for daylight photos. There are some things I don't like here though the loudspeaker quality is disappointing. It was kind of a bummer an outstanding nice screen plus the chipset doesn't perform well for gaming. And night time photography isn't very good overall though whether or not you'd be happy with it. Really depends on what you're looking for in a phone. If you aren't in the games I just want to sell a daily driver with a large screen the a30 could be worth considering just make sure to check out some of the competitors as well.

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