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Good Eating Habits for Kids

Good Eating Habits for Kids
Good Eating Habits for Kids

Good Eating Habits for Kids

You may worry about whether your kid is eating enough. Or you may be worried that your child is eating too much and overweight at a healthy weight.

As a parent you give your child healthy food and opportunities to consume it. Deciding how much food your child has to eat or what to eat.

It is normal for children to change their appetite from day to day. Sometimes your child wants to eat a lot just make sure that you fill him with healthy food. The second time he would not want to eat. Try not to worry, as he is almost certainly ready for the next meal or even the next day.

If your child does not want to eat, do not try to force them to eat or give rewards. Forcing him to eat teaches him not to listen to his hunger.

If your child is growing and developing well, he is probably getting enough to eat.

'Tummy talk' and healthy food

Understanding the way your baby's stomach interacts with its brain can help you deal with your child's concerns of eating more or less.

For example, your child's brain realizes that his stomach is full about 20 minutes after his stomach is full. Also, your child's hunger is partly determined by how physically active he is and whether he has eaten much in the last few days.


If you are concerned that your baby has a tendency to overfeed, then here are some things:

Offer a small portion of food. If your child accomplishes this, you can help a little. This gives a chance to hold your baby's brain and stomach.

If your child does not eat part of the meal - for example, vegetarian - this is his choice. It is not good to provide an additional serving of other foods - for example, meat - for missing meat.

Serve your baby's food on a small plate. In this way he gets the right size portion but still gets a full plate of food.

Avoid distracting like a TV or toys during meals. This will help your child focus on his or her hunger.

Under Eating

If you feel that your child is not eating food or you are not hungry, you can try the following strategy:

Offer food around the same time each day. If children eat regularly, they are more likely to feel hungry at that time.

Encourage your child to eat more at meal time by ensuring small amounts of food at snack time. Your child needs small regular healthy snacks for energy top-up, but if there are too many snacks or they are too big, they can fill them up before the main meal.

Avoid giving your child a choice if he or she does not eat. Your child may have some hunger at this time.

Healthy eating and the food messages for your child

Healthy eating habits begin at home.

It is important to give your child a healthy nutritious diet. It also helps to surround your child with healthy eating habits and messages about food. This can help your child make healthy food choices.

Here are some ideas:

Try to have a bowl full of fresh fruits within easy view and arrive at the kitchen table or bench. You can give fruits as breakfast or if your child is still hungry after meals.

Stock your pantry and fridge with lots of healthy, nutritious options, and sometimes leave food on supermarket shelves.

Try to choose fruits and vegetables of different colors, textures and flavors - the more variety there is, the more likely your child will find something that he is interested in eating.

Involve your child in planning and preparing food. If your child has helped to make food, he is more likely to eat it.

Enjoy healthy meals together with a family as often as possible. Look for opportunities to have breakfast and dinner together on weekends.

Turn off the TV while eating. This way your child concentrates on food and likes fresh healthy food that you offer.

Read books with healthy food messages for your child for example, books with pictures of fruits and vegetables. Get your child to indicate different types, colors, sizes, and so on. These Good Eating Habits for Kids are good for Kids health.

In this article, we discussed about Good Eating Habits for Kids, so you can try it.

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